Meet the team : Hostility

Hostility: Cosplaying Machine Gods

Hostility are a team of Cosplay enthusiasts for whom the mere playing of paintball is not enough. They are multiple winners of CosCon and VirginCon, and are known for their immersive and ground-breaking costumes. Initially a group of close friends, they soon found that they had explored Cosplay to its normal limits, and sought more from life. In 2018 they transitioned to the only people with less of a grip on reality than Cosplayers: Paintballers.

Originally called HappyCos, they quickly formed a successful team. The fancy dress grown-ups were able to explore their creative side. Just like other paintballers, it was possible for them to pretend to be in the Army without any of the responsibilities of duty, service, or physical fitness. Besides, the army costumes have such style, darling. They changed their name to FashionistaForce and enjoyed much success on the field.

After a few years of successful integration into the scene, once again they felt the need to explore further. Now named Cos-A-S they were turning heads in all the right places, but questions were forming. The Cosplay scene contains the usual expected sexual perversions, such as Furries, pantie sniffing and mummy kinks. The depraved nature of the paintball community has meant that they were able to meet a whole new set of weird characters who make this seem vanilla.

Now called the Extremo-Sluts, they began taking their characters and roles to the next level. Their leader and primary dress up boy, Lee, removed several limbs and had them replaced with augmetics and machine parts while doing research on Robocop themed game. He completed the outfit with a thigh mounted Tippman TPX Pistol and spent several weeks shooting speedballers directly in the dick. Turns out that Prime Directive number 5 was a weird thing about penises.

Upon hearing this, Slough City Council tried to hire him for enforcement duties on the main street, but he failed a background check. An unfortunate pantie incident in SniffCon 2017 means that he is not allowed unsupervised near any establishments selling underwear. And besides, he's no snitch.. and definitely not a pantie snitch.

Yet another dude shot in the dick for team south

This set the path for the others in the team. Now named Electro-Spunk-Kink, the team began to experiment with augmetics. By adding parts salvaged and borrowed, the team have slowly morphed into a twisted mix of man, metal and gaffa tape. Several of the team now have Geo3s grafted into their arms in a paint firing machine of doom. However, due to a persistent design issue, the only way to correctly fit the loader is through the top of the users bell-end. This was no deterrent to the players, many of whom now have fitted Maxi-Loaders into their ball bags.

For the team, happy endings require a solid chrono and all concerned to be masked up.

One of the more dedicated, Kye, was so inspired by Lee's dedication that he has had his mind melded into a tank. The original plan was to join him with a Military Transpot grade Hummer, but budget cuts meant that these aims were switched to Honda CR-V that they found on Craiglist. Upon further inspection, this was actually a Honda CR-V chassis with a tuk-tuk engine stuffed inside. The tax was also due.

The process of unifying man with machine was agonising, but Kye braved the journey and now forms the machine spirit within the tank. The now renamed Hostility will be bringing the mechanised warfare to North Versus South through their augmented AI/machine cyborg tank. He automates the driving, giving it preternatural reactions and speed... at least he does when the clutch works.

Yes, that is a gun in their pocket, and they are pleased to see you.

Hostility Paintball