Meet the team : C.E.P.

C.E.P. Basque and Bra Specialists

C.E.P. are Portugal's 4th largest basque and bra manufacturers, who also happen to play paintball about 3 times a year. In 2006, the company's product had some build production issues so hired some quality control specialists. They revamped the sweatshop improving the stitching and materials, as well as ensuring that the child labourers received regular motivational beatings. All of this is standard practice in Portugal.

In order to test the product, they sent head silky-boi Andre to do the roughest, manliest sport they could find. Over 2 months, Andre (or "Cloud" to his imaginary internet friends) wore the complete 2006 summer collecion, including the prize winning "Knocker pumper", the popular "Flange gate" and the "Nipsy treat" (which is now certifiably skidmark proof).

As a side effect of this, C.E.P. were formed as an elite advanced underwear testing squad used by silky filth-peddlers the world over. Their name lives in sexy infamy: C.E.P. - E.A.U.T.S.

The C.E.P. Collection

C.E.P. are also philantropists. Apart from their involuntary celibacy, they are regular donators to both heart and diabetes charities. However, they usually donate patients due the unbalanced diet of white bread and pork.

You'll find Andre and C.E.P. playing for team South this year as official silky-boi gear sponsors. The North will have completely inferior breasticular lift (and christ do they need it...). Similarly, Southern bollocks will be cradled and supported better than any others on the battlefield.

C.E.P. will be onsite all weekend, bringing their experience and skill in tactical team play. They will also be offering waxing and skincare on top of the new "Barreltag" Summer Collection. Say hello, catch up, and share some of their weird Portuguese lager.

Now let me ask you, do YOU want play for a hairy team with chub rub and stretchmarks (Team North), or do you want to join the giga-chad smooth team South?

Support NvS. Support your team. Support your ballsack. C.E.P. will be doing all three.