Sommerfest writeup

Sommerfest writeup

Event info:

Date August 29th 2020
Venue Paintball Adventure, Wesendorf
Promoter Paintball Adventure
Players CharlieTwo, Gero
Result Draw, Draw, Loss (fake news), Win, Win


Just one week after the Battle of Wolf 359 reenactment in Berlin, Gero and me decided to visit the Sommerfest of our local site at Wesendorf near Hanover. This site has seen both of our first attempts at paintballing about a decade ago, but sadly all photos of this incident have been lost... The site is part of a former Army barracks that I actually attended during my military service for a short time many years ago and was originally set up by a friend of Jim Frensham.

This year's game was the second installment of a big game organised by the site's new owners. As we were part of last year's winning team we were determined to defend our title.

Once onsite we quickly got into contact with the last year's general, Carsten, and his team: the Fallout Warriors. We also grabbed the most hairy and least clueless looking guy by the name of Kai, exchanged radio frequencies and set up the three man command structure for our 90 man strong Red Team. The general idea was that both Kai and me would coordinate 20 to 30 players at the flanks, whilst Carsten would command about 40 players in the center. Although we did not know most of the players on the field, we quickly managed to the get our squads organised. This was an easy plan of German efficiency combined with UE's tried and tested method of shouting at people.

UE unleash their vocal tactics

As it turned out, our opposition were the site's sup air local team and their assets were commanded by a guy wearing a Stetson (who shall now be referred to as 'Private Cowboy'). The game would soon turn out to be a clash between tactics and power play.

The Sommerfest is the only time of the year this site combines its two woodland and two urban fields. However, the urban fields are separated by an entrance corridor that creates a nasty bottleneck in the game.

Morning games

The game started interestingly enough, with a surprise visit from the local police department who wanted to check if we were complying to the Corona rules. Because of this we didn't start the first three games until late.

The first game was a simple elimination game. Gero and I took the difficult flank with the entrance. As Gero played a lot of 'Ghost of Tsushima' before the game, he tried the well-known Banzai charge to impress the Blue Team, but it turned out that the paintball game was on harakiri difficulty. As it was too much to push for a decisive victory decided to play for a controlled draw, which worked nicely with the desperation corridor on our side.

CharlieTwo holds the flank

However, plenty of our players noticed that the blue team was quite liberal in interpreting hits, which would be an issue for the whole day as there were just 4 marshals for 180 players.

The second mission was a hold and control scenario. We were supposed to find two red barrels hidden in the forest that we should touch and prevent the other team to reach. This was kind of a comedy mission, as the red barrels were just 50 yards away from the enemy respawn. There was also a slightly dark red second set of barrels closer to our base. So, after frantically discussing about 'how red is red supposed to be' via radio, we cunningly decided to defend the wrong barrels to score another draw.

You must choose wisely

Mission three was a bit of a clever one. Technically speaking it was an elimination event, but you could respawn an eliminated player by dragging them to the respawn. Again Gero and I decided to take the bottle-neck flank. I coordinated the flank while Gero drew fire at the front line. By this time, our glorious propaganda was beginning to take effect and players started to assume we had a competent plan of what to do on the field. We quickly pushed the blue players out of two-thirds of the field with the help of Rick's patented VOICE technique.

In this game we could use the corridor to our advantage again, and set up a blocking position. We used this to eliminate blue players from the flank, with our players on our flank working perfectly as a team. However, the situation was that we would have to settle for another draw.

We did do a fair bit of networking and encouraged our team to make sure they don't leave early. We tried to keep pushing, but again there were quite a few reports that it was 'difficult' to eliminate blue players. One of our guys mumbled something about video, but we did not take it too seriously. This idea was vital, and as it turned out, later in the day it would save us the whole game.

Afternoon games

The first mission after lunch break did belong into the 'needlessly complicated' category. In a nutshell, they organised a Landrover that was supposed to shuttle four of your own eliminated players from a respawn zone back into the game, whenever you would find and touch a red barrel hidden in the forest.

Yeah. Those red barrels. Ha ha.

With the help of Gero's new kamikaze finishing move, we made a six men mad dash for the place where we assumed to find the barrels. About 15m away from the fabled barrel we ran into three blue players who got lit up fairly well but kind of refused to quit. Getting shot out ourselves we watched the game go down the drain. When we left the field, we heard one of our guys talk about 'video proof' again.

As it turned out, this guy was annoyed enough to grab his laptop, edit half a dozen of videos in less than ten minutes, highlight the hits on blue players and upload the video on the paintball site's facebook page and then show it to the marshals. As a result, the game did not count into the final score. Thank you, paintball James Cameron!

The penultimate game would have us escort a VIP (which happened to be the paintball site owner) about 50m into the field to throw a smoke grenade into – you've guessed it – a red barrel hidden somewhere. We then had to leave him there for 90s and then get him the hell out of the field. Any hit on the VIP and it would have been a loss. Our strategy was a variation of the roman tortoise formation we originally developed with Lukas in Aachen and had already used many times; Put enough meat shields around the VIP, throw as many smoke grenades as possible and make a run for it.

About 5 minutes into the game we took control of the objective and scored before time!

The grand finale was a final elimination (which was a smart move). We were familiar with the site by now, and as newly appointed field captains we selected the flanks we were fighting on all day to play on. Immediately the familiar faces of the players helping us out appeared, which means that our BEST KOREAN tactics and propaganda had been effective!

We quickly managed to overrun a slightly frustrated blue team and pushed them back into their part of the field. We made the advance slowly as there was a danger that the blue team would camp us to death and eliminate our quick players. This slow approach ensured us the victory. With the time ticking down to a draw, the marshals decided to count the remaining players of each team.

Leading the troops

No matter what, our red team left the field with a broad grin on our faces. The last game was among some of the best I've seen among players that have never played together before. As our field captain Kai told us, he got hit about half way through the finale, went back to the safe zone but his remaining players just kept on playing with fire and movement without him coordinating it.

However, all our effort, bitching and whining did give us the chance to turn this amazing game around. We took our chances and won the last game with 33 : 30 players still standing. So we fought hard, we fought together and celebrated our victory with some Taedonggangs and wurst.