Euro Big game writeup

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Event info:

Date 10th - 13th of May 2018
Venue MFG Paintball e.V., Mahlwinkel, Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania, Germany
Promoter MFG Paintball
Players CharlieTwo, Gero
Hangers on Nichevo
Result Vyigrat
Awards Nichevo


This is to state that once again, our glorious movement of Universal Exportism has triumphed about imperialism and secured global peace. Our recent victory has taken place at the former Soviet helicopter base in Mahlwinkel, Germany, at an event cunningly dubbed EuroBigGame by some capitalists. Mahlwinkel in a part of Germany that roughly corresponds to Mid-Wales, but without all the excitement. The site itself hasn't seen any form of maintenance since 1991. So, all in all a bit of North Wales in Mid-Wales. You get the idea.

This site used to be the base for the bad-ass Mi-24 helicopter gunship, known from many misleading 80's action movies. Sadly, all of them were sold to Hideo Kojima and shipped to an non-disclosed location (i.e. an oil rig in the Seychelles) for a clandestine campaign of vengeance against video game producer Konami, but that's a different story with plenty of plot holes and weird characters. The site also is used as a wind farm. (Price question: how can you tell a good paintball game from a bad one? – In a good one you do not notice the 300 ft. rotating Blades of Doom right over your head.).

Due to our glorious partial victory at NvS just a few days before, Gero and me decided not to discourage the players on the other team and only play the Saturday game. Also, Gero contracted a severe case of Glossophaga longirostris from a Norwegian bottle of rum at NvS (what happens in the bunker, stays in the bunker!) and bravely soldiered through the day.

EuroBigGame normally has about 800 to 1000 participants in two teams, with three Special Forces divisions of 50 players each. The site is covered by pine forest mixed with large, derelict buildings, trench systems, forts and small paintball fields underneath the wind turbines. The game modes include CTFs, 10 flag dominations, VIP rescues, snatch & grab missions and a final mission cunningly named "Operation Paintstorm" which is more or less resembles Georgian gentlemen settling their dispute in a civilized manner: Stand 50 yards apart from each other and shoot each other in the face as hard and often as you can. A bit like something from a 90's TV series with Sean Bean, really, but without all the unnecessary dialogues.


As usual, we joined the Blue Team which did dominate the last couple of EuroBigGames. Surprisingly, they had not done well over the last couple of days and had to pick up the pace on game day.

Our opponents from Team Red had secured the assistance of the Northern Alliance, a rag-tag mercenary group of Scandinavian and Dutch players as well as the treasonous Scottish Warriors. The Northern Alliance arrived on side with a lorry (!) full of goodies, including sofas, an own bar, a disco with stage, flatscreen TVs and so on. The team consists of about 50 players with impressive kit and levels of organization.

We were running with the "Berzerk Viking" Special Forces of Team Blue. Sadly, they must have been at a conflict management course the week before, so no berzerking during the first half of the day. The first mission was to secure, hold and control the Air Control Tower, a two-storey death trap with a trench system to the left and lots of Soviet buildings to the right. Even despite a lack of Viking spirit, we quite easily held our ground and pushed the reds back after 30 min of intense fighting.

The second game was a 10 flag domination game with 2 flags each counting triple points. Gero suffered a fit of ebola and decided to assist in good Russian tradition: by posting himself next to the Red game entrance and radioing in the amount of red players coming into the next game KGB-style. We quickly found out that we had a 2:1 advantage in players on the field and quickly took seven out of ten flags, including clearing a few buildings held by a few red stragglers.

In contrast to NvS, the Dutch section of the red team arrived on the field about 30 min before the end of the game (when it couldn't make any difference anymore) and 45 min before Operation Paintstorm, so they were short on ammo and air at the final battle. O.P. started on an open ground covered with minimal cover underneath a wind turbine.

The game kind of resembled German and British politics: A red team and a blue team line up to really stick it up to each other. Sadly, the electorate predominantly remains passive and in the end the blues steamroller over the poor reds that pack it in half way through the game and go home. The original idea of our team was to recover three out of six boxes hidden on the field and to carry them to a container in the middle of the field. This would have resulted in a draw which would have won us the day. With a bit of gentle verbal encouragement and some leadership from the front we managed to deliver three boxes to the container through some fierce fighting within the first 15 min., scoring us the objective. Within a few minutes the red resistance collapsed entirely and the red team was chased straight over the field, effectively ending the game.

Mind you, somebody really should clean up the wind turbine now!

Conclusion: EuroBigGame (EBG) has a comparable size and level of organization to NvS. The game missions are much simpler than NvS and the level of ferocity of fighting is significantly lower than in Britain. The lingua franca is English (with a quite broad German accent that you will definitely have a laugh about) and there are quite a few competitive and well-equipped international teams around. The game is quite expensive, but in case of a strong pound should be affordable. The plus is the site and the level of marshaling. There are more than 50 marshals on site, so cheating is quite difficult. The site itself with the two-level buildings makes up for a lot.

Also, in contrast to NvS, the Dutch did come too early at this one, but who cares (couldn't resist, sorry)!

Our recommendation for a UE visit of this game would be to pick the weaker team (Team Red) and to impose our ideology of Universal Exportism to secure world peace for all mankind. Or to get really hammered on German lager. Same thing really. Also, I may or may not have shares of local paintball manufacturers.

Black Sheep Taster writeup

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