North Versus South writeup

North Versus South Event Writeup

Event info:

Date 4th - 6th May 2018
Venue RAF Swynnerton
Promoter Warped
Players Rocket, Ricktion, Mr P, HammerTime, Hamster, Brexit, Capt Price, Soap, Charlie 2, Gero, Primate, Justin, Corky
Hangers on Greg, Matt D, Beth
Result Win, Loss, Win, Loss
Awards Most Valuable Squad


North Versus South is such a regular event for Universal Exports that it needs no introduction. But as you've behaved yourself, you can have one anyways.

The game is played at RAF Swynnerton and is one of the biggest in Europe, with events for every aspect of modern paintball, including Speedball, Magfed, CQB, Big game, night games... as well as the required overeating and drinking too much.

It's a three day event and for some it's the highlight of the year.

Friday night game

This is an evasion based night game, with a small Hunter force hunting the majority of players.

UE are regulars, and we were allocated 4 places on the Hunter force of 36, facing up against 400+ Runners. This year it was a bit different to previous years; Runners had 3 check points to get to, with the Hunters having 2 bases The Hunters were split into small groups, patrolling between their two bases. The idea being that they cross the paths with the Runners. If the Runners where smart, they would easily be able to avoid the Hunter force if they timed their run correctly.

The Hunter force was split in to 6 teams of 6, 1 in each base, 2 on foot patrol and 2 in vehicles patrols. Every 30mins we would change positions.

Nightgame Hunters

Initial Game on was around 9:45. We had one patrol vehicle allocated, with one foot patrol near the entrance on the direct path to the first waypoint for the Runners. The plan was that the Runners going direct would get caught and the clever ones taking the longer route would get through.

For the first 20 mins or so this worked well, as we took out the first few Runners. However, as per the game design, the Hunter force had a time table to keep to. We only had 30mins from game on to be at our first changeover to allow the next squad on patrol. We quickly yomped from the scrap yard to base B for our first rendezvous with the next squad. We took up guard positon on base B.

Base B was not on the Runner route to the finish so we expected a quiet deployment. We did get a some running past us on the main road. Most got through, but we picked of a few as they sprinted past.

Our next patrol from base B to A was around the North is side of the map and we found a few groups of Runners and got into a few fire fights but again we could not stay long as we were on the clock to get to the next base.

Just before we got to the next base we passed close to the Runners second waypoint bumping into a group of 3 on the main road. It turned out that this group was being lead by Charlie 2 (a UE member). As we are contractually required, we promptly shot him and moved on!

We got to base A on time and waited for the 30 minutes change over. No one attacked the Hunters Base, which was the plan - all the Runners knew to avoid us. On our last patrol back to base B we came across more Runners and had a few more captures before we finished for the night.

I have had the privilege of being on the Hunter force a few times and this was by far the best event. It was a lot more dynamic and fluid, with no more being sat in one positon all night hoping a Runner came to you. This time we could actually go and hunt, even with the restricted engagement time of 30 mins for each patrol.

Saturday Games : Brexit Wars

As usual, the Saturday games are a game of the Foreign teams and hangers on (including UE) playing a much larger UK force. This year, the sides were around 60 versus several hundred. This game is some of the hardest fighting, with some genuinely organised and agressive fighting from all concerned. If you like intense paintball, this is some of the best paintball there is.

This year's battle was based around whisky. Can you tell Jim from Warped is Scottish?


We were not quite ready on game on, but managed to get to the Tractor Factory. However, were soon pushed back. This was mainly as there had been a slight admin error as our main respawn flag had got lost, and second our respawn flag was over 600 meters from the front line.

After a robust exchange with the flag holder we managed to get him to move closer, but by this time the damage was done. The north had gained a really good field position, and due to the low numbers on the JNTF the writing was on the wall early. However... UE had brought some shields with them and we started to push back on the main road.


We made quite a bit of progress, and after a decent spearhead from UE and Lima Bravo, the north reacted with an excellent flanking move to hit the shield wall from the side. At this point we started to run out of paint as we were under constant attack from much larger force. We started to get pushed back.

With some real bravery and stubbornness, we made them fight for every inch of the entire field, which really ground the North down. Our consolation prize was that as fresh JNTF players came back in after re-arming, we were able to take the chemical plant base and score 50 extra points for the end of the game. Our shield wall had distracted them to allow some cheeky points - making the partial defeat possible, but it was an really an emphatic win for the North.


For the Second game we were better organised and the respawn flags were in the correct position.

We knew we had to move quickly to get better field position early on, and luckily the South were slow of the start line. The JNFT got a large force over the main bridge, and were able to secure the tractor area. After an initial skirmish with some agressive play from the JTNF using shields and some good leaderships and discipline, we pushed the South back to the open ground beyond and started to move on the chemical plant. This was not far from the south start line.

300 ... reasons to stay in the safezone

This seemed to break the spirit of the South as we were effectively spawn camping them. After a short time the spawn points switched and the south we able to attack again. This time it was much more of a fight with the South making great gains around the communications tower and the tractor area. Luckily, by then, the JNTF had secured plenty of points to win the game.

This game is deliberately unfair... that's the point, and that's why it's so much fun. To actually win this was a moment of well earned glory for the JTNF.

Euro Deathsquad


This years theme was Wasteland; a game of resources and damage over time scoring.

UE took a step back from leadership, having been involved for 3 years with 2:1 loss:win record. This year we were off the leash and able to play as a squad again. A refreshing change! We were allocated to the Special Forces squads, who had harassment or specific objective based scoring roles.

At game-on we headed straight for the north spawn point to fight over the water supply. The North had a shorter route to the water so were expected to secure it first and that is exactly what they did. Our main aim was to keep them busy and harasss, which we also did! As the game filled up, a big firefight started around this area and the military compound. These were the areas for early scoring.

For the most part the South controlled most of the map but failed to turn this in to scores. We scored on the Power Plant and a few in Food Distribution area... we even took the military compound for a time to score at 12:00.


However, all the time the North were racking up points from the water missions. UE got dispatched to stem the flow, being sent on a Special Needs Forces mission to stop the flow. Several miles of military style evasion and patrol later, around 1pm, we managed to take the water supply for the north. However, due to our supply line setup, we had to yomp all the way back to the other side to the map to score with the water.

We managed to get the water drop off without incident but the north were holding the drop point. We had the numbers and after short fire fight we took the building and scored the points. UE success! However, no time to celebrate as we were under time constraint and had to get back to the military compound for the final score at 4pm.

we rushed back across the map again to take up a defensive position around the military compound, which was already under attack from the North. A well timed and co-ordinated attack from the north tank and large foot patrol meant we lost control, but after a hard 20 minute fight we managed to take it back.


It was brutal fighting, but it was nice to see the objective change hands, as quite often at the end game it just descended to a stalemate of long balling. This was up close and personal and a proper gun fight!

We thought we had scored well, but in the final tally, the water mission made all the difference and the pushed North to a Win.

However, in an all too familiar admin error, UE picked up the award for most valuable squad for the south, which was nice!

Team of the day