V3 writeup

V3 Event Writeup

Event info:

Date 3rd - 4th March 2018
Venue RAF Kirton
Promoter Urban
Players Rocket, Ricktion, Capt Price, Mr P, Little Dave, Hamster, Gibbo, Fembo, Mrs Fembo, Baron, Soap
Hangers on Phil, Greg, Weeman, Maddy
Did not show Hammertime, Mountain, Craig
Result Win, win


V3 is an Urban Paintball event held at RAF Kirton. This was located 15 miles north of Lincoln, and due to environmental effects it is always covered in snow. It has been an RAF base since the first world war, but the all the buildings on site were built from the 1970's. None of the original building remain as the site has been re-developed numerous times during its tenure as an active RAF/Army base and training centre.

It was closed in 2014 and all operations were moved to RAF Scampton just 8 miles away. All that is left behind is a complex of around 15 buildings and a parade ground, which is now just covered in HGV trailers to provide cover playing paintball/airsoft. Goody.

We arrived Friday throughout afternoon/evening with the heavy snow persisting. A few UE beers as well as a Chinese buffet set us up for the night, with only a minor hangover for most.

Welcome to the north


The game format was rolling 40 minute games, which given the conditions was a good idea.

Game 1 : Shakedown

Game 1 was just a simpleshake down game. The objectives were mainly: go and fight over the largest building and try to evict the opposition. As it happened we took control of most of the building quite quickly, and as a result the Red team tried to attack by going round the outside and attack from the rear.

As this was a CQB style game, flashbangs were a real strong tactic, as these Reds found out from the brutal Blue assault!

Since one UE player was stationed outside on the back door we were soon able to re-enforce the back doors and repelled the attack, easy first win.

Games 2 & 3 : Presidents

The Presidents game was is a simple premise: one man holding a case. One team has to protect him, and one team had to try to assassinate. It was fought in what was the old Morgue and dentist facility. However both teams failed as the VIP survived both games.

Games 4 & 5 : Attack/Defend building 4

Building 4 was a large building with 2 floors and 4 main entrances. In order to win the attacking team had to entirely clear the building. The defenders had no respawns, and the attackers had infinite lives for the first 20 minutes. After this, it became an insta-kill game.

After some heavy defence, the Reds had cleared us mostly out. 2 Blue players managed to hold on to the end in the game... one hiding under the sink!

For game 5 it was swapped around. Blue had to kick the Reds out of the same building, the building was cleared with time to spare except one Red holding out for the end. We never found them, and it turned out they were hiding in the roof space... they had to be rescued by the Red team at game's end. Many LOL's were had by all.

As a major point of LOL, we found a player barricaded into a room. After a bit of barging and kicking at the door, Ricktion dropped through a flashbang... directly into the battlepack of a Red player.

Saturday evening

We then left so we could go to the pub, since we were stopping in the centre of Lincoln; it was an obvious night out on the cards. When we first stepped out we wandered through the sleepy streets of Lincoln to our restaurant of Curry, we spotted a few pubs on the way and sampled to the local beverages.

After a spicy curry, as well as some spicy beers later we were ready to move on. At around 10pm, Lincoln went through a cosmic door and turned into a winter Ibiza. The streets were populated by young people, all partying in the street. Every bar had a girl outside offering anybody a free shot just for coming in.

Standard UE night

As you can imagine, we left immediately and went straight to bed. Nothing happened.


Game 1 : Shakedown

The shakedown game was the same as Saturday. As before: go and fight over the largest building and try to evict the opposition. Since it appeared that we 'dominated' on the first day, all the extra players that arrived in Sunday we all put on the Red team. With the numbers weighted 2-1 to the opposition's favour, we started the game and within 30mins we were trapped in our base.

However, due to what can only be described as an all too familiar admin error by UE, we left a few people stranded inside the building. As the Reds swept over and surrounded our spawn point, they abandoned the main objective and our remaining players simply hid until the end. An underserved victory.

But we'll take them all.

Game 2 : Money game

Two large buildings were full of money and body parts to collect. The buildings only had one entrance each, making each one a difficult prospect.

In this game we were still outnumbered, but we had more players on the field at game on. We were better organised, and as soon as the game started we sprinted for the opposition building fully expecting to get destroyed on the run over the open ground. However, 5 players made it, it seemed either the Reds were not ready or some even went into the wrong building!

We managed to hold both objective buildings for the whole game even after 2 insertions of enemy players. We held a perimeter and some borderline professional organisation meant that we seemed to have about 5 times more players than we did. A few mad players rushed to the entrance, but we cleaned up all the points available for the game.

Top site : poor conditions

Games 3 & 4 : Attack/Defend building 4

These games were the same as Saturday's.

Red went first, and changed tactic. The day before we complete overran them, so this time the majority of the team held up in one room at the end. The room had solid brick walls and fire door. They barricaded themselves in and just tried to hold off until the timer ticked down. We tried all sorts of different ways and even resorted to smashing through the door with a shower curtain rail. It was obvious we would not be able to break through without better tools.

With 5 mins to go we decided to block them in, and got all the remaining rubbish in the building and stacked it against the door even a kitchen sink!

It was a bold move and a great tactic, but made for a dull game as no one fired a round. Only flash bangs were used as people tried to throw them through the windows but unfortunately none made it through.

When the game switched round, the Reds just assumed we would do the same. That's not the way we wanted to play; we wanted a gun fight. So we played with the format a bit...

We decided to occupy the upstairs only and barricade the stairs. As we had the high ground it would be easy to defend. We also had 8 people on each end with a kill corridor lined up. This was more like it! we had a vicious fire fight, with smoke and flashbangs going both ways. On one side they almost breached as they got to the top of the stairs. Probably due to the extremely heavy going, they did not follow it through even though we were down to our last pots of paint and only 4 players left.

We still held the building, and as insurance we also had a player hidden the roof space during the entire game just in case the building fell! It seemed we had beaten them back and the attack petered out. In the last few minutes, we launched Operation Troll, which was a surprise attack down stairs just for the LOL's. Most of us got taken out on the way down, but we took a whole bunch of Reds out by surprise.

Implementing his secret plan at about the same time Mr P then unleashed: Operation Ultimate Troll. He was hidden downstairs and in the last few minutes of the game and started barrel tagging guys out on the ground floor.

Not to be out trolled, Ricktion decided to implement Operation Ultimate Troll 2: The troll-TROLL. He had hidden in the enemy spawn building the whole game, and he came out towards the end of the game and started barrel tagging/shooting the remaining guys out on the ground floor.

Game 5 : Building 10 elimination

For game 5 we had a battle over building 10. Blue had to evict the Reds, but one Red player managed to hold on the end by hiding in the bar. Reds were outnumbered, so the marshalls started to spread misinformation and after loads of Blue on Blue kills the game was called; a sneaky and deserved Red win.

Game 6 : Free for all

After this quite lot players left so we had a free-for-all in building 10, last man standing wins. I got taken out within the first 2 mins and went back to the safe zone with my tail between my legs. Rumours are that the game is still going on to this date.

Video LULz in this article by Trigger.