Fallout writeup

Stalingrad Event Writeup

Event info:

Date 9th -10th December 2017
Venue Drakelow Tunnels
Promoter Urban
Players Rocket, Ricktion, Capt Price, Mr P, Little Dave, Hamster, Gibbo, Juice
Hangers on Maddy
Result Draw Day one, could not attend day two


Fallout was held at Drakelow Tunnels. For those that don't know, The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire. They are covering 280,000 ft2 (26,000 m2), with a total length of around 3.5 miles (5.6 km). They were originally built as a Second World War factory, and were developed during the Cold War to be a fall-back government centre.

It also offers a cracking tapas menu.

We arrived Friday throughout afternoon and sat down to watch double feature of 'Protect and Survive' followed by 'Threads'. After re-assessing the meaning of life my head began to hurt and I was not even hung over yet!

UE confirms MAD : Mututally assured drunkeness

Oh and it was snowing, a lot... more on that later


Having played this location before, we knew what to expect - darkness, CQB and sneaky times. The organisers had changed things up a bit this year; glow sticks were no longer on players. The numbers of players were perfect as there were not enough to have a complete front line. This was a game of sneaking, tactics and atmospherics; it was awesome.

The total darkness meant you did not know who was who, and since the numbers were low there was not just loads of paint flying. It was mostly 3 shot kills and rarely more than a 4v4 at any one time, except for a few occasions when fighting for an objective (poll game).

This was a proper scenario game and about the missions and not just shooting each other, well done Urban for making an interesting game at an interesting site.

There were two factions: the Fallen and the Masters. We were playing for the Masters.

Game 1 : Hold the Case

The master had to hide from the Fallen and all the Fallen had to do was open the case and push the nuclear button... what could possible go wrong? As it turned out, not lot as myself and Capt Price spent the entire game hiding behind a derelict generator unit. After ambushing several groups of Fallen players we held on to the end and score some points.

Game 2 : Capture the poll

This was a simple flag game held on one of the major cross roads inside the tunnel. Both spawn points were fairly close however the Fallen were slightly closer. This edge helped them to a convincing win, holding the flag position for more than half the time.

Fallout 2017 | Winter Warriors

Game 3 : Collect the nuclear fuel (or glow sticks to you and me)

The site was covered in sticks, and the team with the most at the end won. This was a simple enough game mechanic. Tactically the aim is to hand in early and often. However being the renegade I am, I decided not to follow these tactics. Thus the Fallen won almost immediately after taking me out as I was carrying about 20 sticks.

My bad planning cost us this game sorry about that but it was your fault for letting me be general! Thus the whole incident was your fault, not mine.

Game 4 : Hold the Case

This was the same as Game 1, but with switched teams. It turned out the Masters totally dominated the field but we failed to find the case, which was carefully hidden in a massive metal box that nobody thought to look inside.

The nuclear codes were safely in the Fallen hands at the end of this game.

Game 5 : Collect the flashing lights

3 Flashing lights were dispersed around the tunnel complex - the team with the most wins

Early on the master managed to get two of the 3. We had contact with the 3rd; we kept up the pressure and after 10mins or so we had secured all 3. Now all we had to do was hide for the rest of the game.

this was harder than I thought; the light was so bright you could literary see it from space, not unlike a nuclear explosion! But also as I learnt from 'Protect and Survive' we hid in a toilet until the danger had passed.

By the end of day one the scores were even and the doctrine of 'mutually assured destruction' was still working as no team had taken a clear advantage.

Tunnel posers

Saturday night

After the main event I retired to a hotel in Stourbridge to read 'Farnham's Freehold' I decided life was pointless and went for a curry. Poppadums and Bhuna quickly restored me to the semi-normal narcissistic wanker I usually am. A few pints became a few more, and eventually it was gone midnight and we were evicted from the local pubs on our way back to the hotel.

We awoke the next morning to find that we had not been transported to another world, but instead we were in the distant future of our own world. A world where Trump's global warming denial had been proven correct.

With several inches snow everywhere, and more falling from the sky it was an easy (if painful) choice. The UK cannot function if any snow falls, thus we all decided to try to get home while it was still daylight. After a 4.5 hour journey to cover 100 miles I got home and went to bed.