Borne To Strike writeup

Borne To Strike Event Writeup

Event info:

Date 30th May - 2nd June 2017
Venue Borne Sulinowo, Poland
Players Ricktion, Corky, Jacko, Hammer Time, Rocket, Hamster. + Lima Bravo + Hostile Intentions + CEP
Team Red
Result Strategic Win, Territorial Loss


This was the first time UE attended this event which is held in the sleepy town of Borne Sulinowo, Poland.

The town is notable for the fact that between 1945 and 1992 it was a secret Soviet military base, erased from all maps. It was not transferred to Polish jurisdiction until October 1992. The area has suffered during and after the fall of communism as the area lost all its state funding with lots of buildings falling into disrepair.

UE implement a regime change

Nearly all the buildings are large communal barracks type buildings, with multiple families occupying the same building. However it is obvious that in recent years the area is starting to prosper.

Getting there

As usual with Euro events, the Venga Bus was driven all the way across Europe with our paintball equipment in. The rest of posh gits caught a flight across on the Friday afternoon. Our plans were delayed somewhat after another partial breakdown of the impeccably reliable team van, we had to wait in a pub in Poznan for 4 hours. which was nice.

Fortunately, UE had planned for such an issue at all levels. Operation Go To The Pub was commenced, and was a great success. Eventually Rick showed up with a newly 'repaired' van, and convincing back story as to why he was so late.

It was then a 2 hour drive through blair-witch country to get to the hotel, the directions for which included the line turn left at the T-34 Tank!

Turn left at the T34 tank...

The Event

We expected a lot from this event. It was well publicised, and we expected the Polish version of North V South. Unfortunately it was not the case.

It had all the hype of a Shoreline game and all the success of a Shoreline game. Numbers were low, with less than 200 in total, and it was basically a big walk-on. This site is well established and offered some great playing areas; in fact the actual game was quite good if poorly organised. It was pretty much let to the players to sort themselves out.

The Saturday game was a wash out as the weather turned to full monsoon. The few players that did play soon left the field and the much hyped Sat night party was cancelled due to lack of numbers.

In the end we sorted our own party out by going to a local bar/restaurant and making our own fun. Fortunately, they had beer and food, so old men and not so old men were happy alike.

On the Sunday the numbers were even lower with just international players left and few locals, we did a few 10v10's, a few scratch games between different teams and some other small things.. but again it only happened after we organised ourselves. By this time the trade stands had all packed up and left, and even the air was turned off after lunch.

A major positive was a ride on a tank at lunch. UE and a few others "didn't really strap in" and then got driven around a field... there was lots of adrenaline, and some genuine exhilaration as the tank ragged it around an assault course. Top fun.


It was such a shame as this game promised so much but delivered so little. While it was nice to have gone, I very much doubt we will go again. Unfortunately, the cost of going does not justify the end.

Another negative for me personal was the lack of health and safety, with many players not using masks in live fire areas and the large amount of live fire in the staging area. But we did get a ride on a tank.

Turn left at the T34 tank...