Equilibrium 3 Writeup

Equilibrium 3 Event Writeup

Event info:

Date 10th - 11th June 2017
Venue RAF Yatesbury
Players Jacko, Fembo, Hamster, Tweedyban, Hammertime, Little Dave, Rocket, Justin, Gibbo, Mr P, Mrs Fembo, + 4 Hangers on and 1 WAG
Team Clerics (after some comedy team swapping - our tickets said resistance on them)
Result Win


This was the first time for UE at RAF Yatesbury, which is just south of Swindon. It's been an airfield since 1916 and has been abandoned since 1960! The site is also an active airsoft site.

It's quite a small site and can only cope with small numbers. It offers plenty of buildings, and the upside of the size is that it was only 50 meters from re-spawn to the front line.


We opted to stay in Swindon. For those who have never been there: Don't go, it's a dump.

The first bar we went served pints in plastic glasses – a classy touch. The barmaid recommended to not go next door else we would get stabbed. Even better.

'Swindon - like a seaside town with crack problems... but closer to London than you think'.


The game consisted of 5 one hour games with simple capture and hold objectives. The Clerics were much more organised than the Resistance to start with, and thus won most of the games.

Jacko | Equilibrium 3

One of the games was to 'Rescue Dave'. Dave is a dummy full of sand. He weighs a bit and you can only move him with a stretcher. The Clerics managed to rescue him in 38 minutes. The resistance were unable to rescue him at all. This meant that at the end of the day the Clerics only needed to score minimal points on the Sunday to win. We retired to Swindon for an all-you-can-eat Chinese (Table for 16!) and a 'quiet' drink in pub.

Nothing interesting happened that night, and we were all in bed for 10:30pm. Honest.


The next morning we assembled in the hotel restaurant to try and eat some breakfast. It was clear that the hotel was full of Dutch tourists, and they seemed to be on a fact finding tour of Swindon and its surrounding areas' drug problems. As you can imagine, we fitted right in.

The Sunday games were 2 three hour games. The objective building changed every 30 mins, with a double score for having you teams bomb in the building too. The Resistance took the first objective, scoring double points early. However, in a clever move by the Cleric General we went straight to next objective setting up a defensive line. With these better field position, we held until 11:30 by which time we had scored enough points to secure overall victory.

Gibbo | Equilibrium 3

At around this time Dodge from Army of fools took a hit for the team and cut his head open which caused a game stop and robbed the clerics of a few points. I'm not saying he did it on purpose but... After an extended lunch we restarted at 1. Immediately the Resistance took the advantage and held the objective pretty much for the rest of the day. It was not until 4pm that the clerics threated the resistance position.

Mrs Fembo | Equilibrium 3

This final battle was in the middle of the field and changed hands several times before the Resistance finally secured it.

I think if any more people would have been there it would have been rubbish. The player numbers were low enough that you could find holes in the lines and make progress. The constantly moving objectives also made the game dynamic. There were no moveable spawns either; at a bigger site this would have been needed, but at RAF Yatesbury it's such an intimate site that it was an easy walk back.

Hammertime | Equilibrium 3

This site itself if very 'abandoned' with heavy undergrowth in between the buildings and quite a few roofs missing. It's still a very good location for a post-apocalyptic gun battle!