Stalingrad Writeup

Stalingrad Event Writeup

Event info:

Date 20th - 21st May 2016
Venue Bullswoods Skirmish
Players Corky, Juice, Little Dave, Mr P, Ricktion, Rocket, Tweedyban
Hangers on Phil 'Rubbish' Lee, Weeman
Result Victory, Victory and Victory


After a lovely 5 hour drive for some, we tootled off down in to the pretty sea side town of Hastings. Large 1920's art deco buildings dominate the sea front, looking out over a promenade covered in graffiti and homeless people; at least there was that to keep us feeling at home.

We spent the early part of the evening discussing Brexit until 3 lads from Swansea arrived and the conversation immediately turned to a compulsory Wexit (the booting out of Wales against their will), then on to more intellectual things. We began to discuss the different merits of Wellington Boots whist bothering sheep. After a very enlightening conversation we headed to new town to go to the local night spot which happened to be silent disco night.

4 hours later we were all drunk and went to bed. Nothing else happened that night, especially not involving bi-annual Tweedyban who definitely did not take a girl back to the hotel at all. That never happened.


The main topics of the day were hangovers, the suspiciously missing Tweedyban and the impending storm Angus. Disappointingly this was an actual storm, not a high quality burger.

This event was actually to replace the cancelled Marines Versus Predators 4, which was a two day event. To make the most of the newly found free day, we went clay pigeon shooting. This was great fun, and at no point was competitive.


8am start to drive to the site started the day off. The site is a lot smaller than I remembered, but the numbers were well balanced for that size. There was enough room to make progress on the map, but enough to make fights intense.

The day started with speeches from the organiser and rousing battle cries from the two faction leaders. John and Richard did their best to sound foreign but just ended up looking a bit racist. We also had a few technical issues with our markers and the cold temperature did not help. After a few swap outs to spare kit we all eventually made it on the field.

Game 1 - Germany defending the Concrete Castle

This was a basic defend/attack game based around a static point. The Russians made a few spirited attacks, but there was no way they we going to get in with the Germans stiff defences.

The Russians had to fire mortars into our castle to score points but it did not go well for them. The Germans won game 1.

Game 2 - Tank advance

The Germans had a tank, which was well decked up and had several passengers. The Tank had to advance to Russian enemy base - the further it got the more points it scored. The Russians could take out the tank with bazookas, forcing it to return to the start line.

Early on the Russians had the measure of us and took out the tank several times, but with some persistant flanking and gritty fighting were able to take out the Russian defences and get right up to the enemy base scoring maximum points. Hence, the Germans won game 2.

Das top-LOL

Game 3 - Flag game

Each team were given a number of flags. The objective was to put your flags on the pre-arranged tactical points, close to enemy base and have them standing at the end. It was also possible to overrun an opposition flag position and steal their flag.

Several flags were in play and after around 1.5 hours of fighting, the German's had all the flags and had pinned the Russians in their base. After breaking what defences were left, we overran the enemy base, scoring a 100 point bonus. This caused a stop in the game as the field was reset. After some sitting about, we started again from our own bases. After a gritty half an hour or so, we had retaken most of the field, planted our flags and won the game - again! Germans won game 3.

In summary - This was a great game that has the friendliness of a walk-on, but felt like a much bigger game. The format was simple front-line stuff, and it was easy to play if it was your first big game. This is probably the best possible with such a small site!

There was great effort made with the story line and props to make the game good fun; it actually felt like a proper big game.

A great day - we were impressed!

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