North Versus South Writeup

North Versus South 2016 Event Writeup

Event info:

  • 29th April - 1st May 2016
  • Swynnerton Training Camp, Cold Meece, Stone ST15 0QN
  • Players: Corky, Crunch, Fembo, HammerTime, Jacko, Roadrunner, Merl, Mr P, Mrs Fembo, Ricktion, Rocket, Tweedyban
  • Hangers on: SilentBob, Matt Day, Greg Moore, Rob Conway, Lewis
  • Result: Victory, Defeat, Victory and Victory!

Friday - Blackout Hunting Club

Most of us arrived early, giving plenty of time to have a look at the massive array of trade stands and vitally - time to start drinking early. UE had the privilege of having 4 spots on the Hunter force for the night evasion game run by Hostile Intentions. The Hunter force was shrunk to just 50 players, making it a bit tougher to keep the runners in check. As usual, this was a highly organised event, with excellent leadership from the Hostiles. In particular Lima Bravo enjoyed some brutal bridge fighting.

The results: 600 started, less than 100 finished. Job done.

Off to war


This year, the invasion game was split into two parts. First part was the North vs Rest of the World (the JNTFor), with the second being South VS the JNTFor. Being the sell outs we are, we played for the Rest of the World team alongside our regular partners in mediocrity, CEP, GPL Oslo and the Lima Bravo. The means that UE were on a force of around 60-70 players fighting against 200+.

In the first game we were ridiculously outnumbered, but the second game was a bit easier as we were only completely outnumbered.

The whole aim/point of the games were: how long can we hold out. It was a battle of constant retreat with us slowly becoming overwhelmed... The objectives were set up so that only a total retreat would secure victory for the UK side.

This setup was good. We had lots to shoot at, and in particular the fighting around the Comms Tower was intensely fierce. Crunch managed to hold out on his own, claiming 47 kills. Crunch is an ex-marine but the pitfalls of UE struck. He had a now entirely predictable UE misunderstanding, and actually killed them all.

The results were close, with us losing the first game and winning the second. Both were by very small margins, and given the odds I am quite pleased with results.

Crunch: 47 kills and counting


This year's Sunday game setup was more suited to UE. It was multi-objective based, with a high amount of points available all over the map. This meant that we would have to be a mobile force.

I opted to start on the left, giving the North a strong position for the main battle in the middle. The advantage was that this gave better scoring opportunities for the missions as the day progressed. In addition, the end game battle would then be close to our spawn point, meaning that it would hopefully nullify the numeric advantage the North would have in the second half of the day.

In my mind the plan was simple: Let the North hold the centre and commit most of its forces to defending building 5. I could then I assemble a mobile strike force of around 20% to do all the high point missions. It was obvious to me that the total score for holding the centre would not exceed 4000 points, but I could score 5000+ by doing the missions.

Many players at North vs South are not too worried about the game, in fact they just want to go and have a firefight... this is something the North are very good at I might add! However, there are quite a lot of organised teams who want a bit more.

This year's game definitely had it all. There will always be a big fight in the middle, and Ricktion had a lot of fun leading (read as: shouting at) the main Zerg force. However, we had the missions to do as well, and this time they were worth the points to really make a difference. By starting on the left we had the advantage for most of the mission objectives. Every person who contacted me before the game and said they wanted to help were all pooled into one big mobile squad. Using these people meant we had a specialist squad of dedicated people; these are the people who play the scenario, and who are not just there to shoot paint.

I allocated a few of my team to look after them and gave them a strict time table to follow. For the most part this was followed. By 12 noon we had already completed 2 of the missions and were well on the way to getting 4 by 2pm. I only had one hiccup where we lost building 9 at 2pm. Ricktion, Jacko and Hammertime kept the building defended with quite a few Zerg and specialist members, but with just 8 minutes on the clock the North took it back.

Mr P

However - I still had the dossier mission to go all I had to do was get it into building 5.

At around 3:15pm I made my move. The two main forces were really pounding each other, fighting over the upcoming final objective. I knew by 4pm we would be probably overwhelmed by the North, lose the building and its 1500 point bonus. Gaz is smarter than he looks and left a good force to defend building 5, even at that late point in the day. I knew my timing had to be perfect.

It must have seemed bizarre, but following a sucessful push and tactical gain toward building 12, I immediately retreated the entire Zerg force across the whole field. The North were extremely confused as their enemy simply turned round and tabbed it away. In doing that the North surged into the space and the numbers of blue defending building 5 dwindled as they all moved forward. Ricktion's Zerg force held the road, ambushing support for 5, and just on schedule, my strike force attacked the now weakly defended building 5.

A huge shout went over the radios. We scored the 1000 point for dropping the dossier by 3:45pm. It was high fives all round. The game was ours, and this meant we did not need to fight over 12.


What happened next put Jim Warped carefully choreographed end game in to disarray. I had a massive force effectively behind enemy lines, with loads of players milling around looking to re-spawn. At this point Jim arrived and after a quick discussion dropped a South respawn flag allowing the game to continue.

To be honest the main South force had no fight left in them, with many out of paint and wanting a head start on some well earned beers. They started to leave the field in droves.

We had one last glorious smoke filled charge to building 12 spearheaded by the literally mental Fembo (who won an award for Suicidal Charge of the year). However - it was just for show really. It was obvious the North had dug in and were never going to leave. I knew in my heart we had won, but I was a little nervous right up until the final score was announced.

All that education worked and my maths was right we had the win by 250 points! At this point I should be gracious in victory and say the North put up a great fight and gave a close battle.

But I'm not, so I wont. Smug-Mode engage.