Market Garden Writeup

Operation Market Garden

Event info:

  • 30th April - 4rd June 2015
  • Lima Bravo Paintball, Aletta Jacobs-Erf 190, 3315 EJ Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • Players: Rocket, Ricktion, Hammertime, Corky
  • Teams: n/a
  • Result: Extensive and brutal hangovers


This was a private game organised by the UE to go to Holland for a weekend to see fellow life failures Lima Bravo.

We travelled by Ferry to the hook of Holland from Harwich, which was in fact quite a pleasant journey. We spent most of it playing network computer games like the geeks we are.

We arrived around tea time Friday to be greeted by Dutch rush hour; yes that's right - queuing traffic. Awesome! Just like home, we thought. After around 2 hours driving we arrived at the site. Reiner Pol the illustrious leader of limp bumsex greated us with beer and sandwiches.

The plan was to have a relatively quiet night Friday and a heavy one Saturday after the paintball.

Because of this, we decided to take in some local culture, and we ended up visiting a locally maintained museum about the Dutch contributions to the UN mission in Libya. Some local food turned into staying up all night drinking... which for UE and Lima Bravo successfully classifies it as a quiet one.

Saturday Day

The next day came, and we went on an extremely interesting fact finding tour, taking in sites of WW2 battles and other monuments. On a personal note I visited the grave of my great uncle who was killed during Operation Market Garden in late 1944. We also saw some fairly picturesque ancient castles and assorted other local Dutch culture (cheese).

Graves and memorials in Holland

Saturday Game

We played some paintball for several minutes, which was nice.

Lima Bravo organised several walk on style events, as well as an evasion game later in the day as the sun went down.

Saturday Night

Many things happened, mainly because huge amounts of beer were drunk. The usual bollocks was spoken, and the rest shall remain a secret of boys on tour!

Although, sitting around talking about music, computer games and paintball markers while pretending to still be able to take your beer isn't actually that exciting.


I think we went home back the way we came but it's bit blury!

Thanks to Lima Bravo for putting us up and showing great hospitality, you should all visit Holland, and I don’t just mean a lads weekend in Amsterdam!

North Versus South - Team shot