Marines Vs Predators

Marines Vs Predators

Event info:

  • 31st October - 1st November 2015
  • Longmoor Camp, Liss, Hampshire, GU33 2EL
  • Players: Rocket, Ricktion, Corky, Primate, Mrs Fembo, Fembo, Juice, Popeye, Justin + 1 hanger on
  • Team: Marines
  • Result: Win

The game

UE's own Rocket Rob was appointed co-general with Going Postal's Coalthief. This is the second time they've played with each other if you exclude sexual encounters. If you include them, the number is in the hundreds. Coalthief claims he's not gay; he says he does not enjoy it, and allegedly never gives a reach around. However UE would like to point out that it's legal now though, and even if it weren't, it's only gay if you get married... everything before that is just banter.

Longmoor training camp is a live army training base that cover a vast area near Petersfield. The game area is a small village of around 30 houses surrounded by woods with helicopters and armoured vehicles in. The houses are separated by several streets, but the buildings are connected by a basement system. Many of them have holes in the walls showing signs of 'battle' damage. This is a really cool site to play paintball in!


Friday night was a story of traffic woe, with various members getting stuck in the traffic jam. For me it was a 3 hour journey to cover 120 miles! We arrived at the hotel and started drinking! Nothing else happened.


Saturday we had a lovely accidental tour of Longmoor, driving around for 40 mins trying to find the entrance... This had been moved, but not marked particularly well. Even though we loosely knew where we were going, it wasn't obvious at all.

Once inside then we started playing. In a surprise moment of organisation, most people were pretty much ready to go, so we were able to make the game start. Also, using the power of tactics, I did not use a marker all day; instead I had a flag and radio, keeping the command structure and respawns going.

The first battle was over a Helicopter. The Predators held it quickly. We had the get in and unlock a briefcase then get it back to our base. After around 15mins of extremely aggressive fighting we took the objective and won the round... This set the pace for the day of 6 objectives we won 5 and drew 1 (after we gave the Predators some of our team).

Not bad for day one!

Sat night

Objectives were simple and easily achieved; The rugby was watched, beer was drunk & bollocks was spoken.


We were down on numbers, as the fresh players arriving were all put on the predator's team. This meant that the game started and continued pretty evenly throughout the morning. However - the Predators definitely took the upper hand.

This meant that we had to move to more tactical style decisions - which makes the game more interesting.

At some point in the day the Marines were pushed out of the factory with our bomb was trapped inside it. We took the decision to give up the factory and take the next objective in building 29. This did the job of drawing enemy players away from the current objective of the factory... Our cunning plan was working!

While most of the players were now fighting over building 29 (which was not even active) we sent a small squad all the way round the back to re-take the now poorly defended factory. We took it with ease and kicked out the predators and got our bomb back. We held the Factory until the timer when to zero then quickly moved our bomb to building 29 which was now live and in our hands.

At the same time we also secured the next and final objective in the garage. By now the marines had the upper hand in tactics and had all the key objectives. We moved our bomb to the final objective and defended to the last, after a really intense fire fight for around 20mins the clock ticked to zero and that was game end with an emphatic win for the marines.

I would like to thank all the marines for doing a great job and following our orders. For most of the game we had fewer players than the enemy, and yet we still one. Massive thanks to CoalThief for being a great tactician and motivating the team. For the most part I saw fair play and good sportsman ship with lots of mutual surrendering during close quarter fighting. I would also like to thank the rest of UE for putting up with my shouting bollocks all weekend, and finally Gareth and Jason of Urban Paintball for putting on a great event.

This team have really got their act together over the last 2 years to be a really good event organiser, roll on 2016 for more of the same.

Update: Event photos are available here: Soho52 Jalbum MvP Collection

Update #2: Pretty sexual video by Brian Daunat here:

Marines Vs Predators