Fashion Feltch: A new player in Fashion Arrives!

A completely normal UE member

In an unexpected move, Universal Exports announced its entry to the worldwide fashion market with launch of the 'Universal Exports Cape'. This new fashion icon has left the likes of Nike, Armani, Primark and the other fashion giants floundering in a desperate effort catch up with what will surely be known as a clothing revolution.

Universal Exports choose to reveal the new cape at the recent Armogeddon event in the well know hub of fashion, Yorkshire. Things did not meet everyone's tastes with renowned fashion designer Edna Mode being quoted as saying "No Capes Darling, No Capes" but it looks like Edna is on her own, the first of the Universal Exports Capes, has proved a big hit with demand far outstripping supply.

The desire to own the new cape reached such high levels for the Good General on the day's event that he employed his elite unit of Bangor Students in to acquire the launch piece. Will this Cape be a one hit wonder or are we witnessing the birth of a new giant? One thing is for sure, the Cape is back!

Locals in Yorkshire were asked for a comment, but were too busy eating ferrets.

A completely normal UE member. Who would blatez get it.